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Facilities for Mission Critical Internet Services

LOCATION: Haverhill MA
USAi.net office and Network Operations Center is located at 143 Essex Street Haverhill MA. 30 miles north of Boston just 10 mins. from Rt 93 and 95, only 2 mins from 495 and 1000 ft from MBTA train and bus service.

BUILDING INFO: 128,000 sq. ft of rebar construction designed for heavy machinery this building has also been used for DR purposes by DEC and was considered like a bomb shelter during the 1950s.

ELECTRICAL INFO: Located 600 ft from the power company substation, this location has 600 volt 3 phase on every floor throughout the building. Two generator systems for fail safe.

CONNECTIVITY: This building is fed from Telecom circuits and wireless connectivity. In Q3 of this year we will be adding fiber connectivity back to Boston and Western MA. Customers can choose traditional circuits or VoIP for telephony services.

COLOCATION: single unit, multiple racks, or cage space available.

EMERGENCY OFFICE / SEATING: Our DR facility can accommodate reserve seating for workforce displaced by any emergency.

LOCATION: Huntington Ave
Located in the hospital district of Boston MA.

BUILDING INFO: owned by Roxbury Tenants of Harvard. USAi.net owned radio facilities have been installed on the facility since 2001.

ELECTRICAL INFO: Fed by power grid and cogeneration facility.

CONNECTIVITY: This building is fed by the Longwood branch of the Boston fiber network (usually reserved for hospitals) as well as telecom circuits and wireless connectivity.

COLOCATION: single unit, multiple racks, available.

LOCATION: One Summer Street Boston MA within Markley Group neutral colocation facility above Macy's in downtown Crossing

BUILDING INFO: owned by Markley Group. USAi.net owned network facilities have been installed on the facility since 2002.

ELECTRICAL INFO: Fed by multiple power grid entrances with multiple generator and battery backup systems.

CONNECTIVITY: This building is fed by the multiple carriers through diverse paths and entrances including USAi.net's wireless network.

COLOCATION: single unit, single or multiple racks, cage space available.

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