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The USAi.net Team

The USAi.net Account Team brings a collective 110 years of IT, telecom, and technical experience.

Cher Spaulding: (CEO/Office Management) Cher, the CEO of USAi.net Inc, has directed finance and office management since the inception of the company in 1997. Cher, a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL, is the majority stockholder in USAi.net, Inc. and a driving force in the company's direction. Thanks to Cher's endless dedication, her efforts have helped to develop USAi.net's mission of highly available Internet services and customer satisfaction. Her efforts help have helped to develop a loyal customer base that is built on service, trust, and overall quality.

Dave Spaulding: (President/CTO/Account Director) Dave, the President and founder of USAi.net, is the vision behind USAi.net's unique design and objective. He is the key contributor to the company's product development and network plan. As the lead in USAi.net's distinctive view on telecom, Dave runs his company efficiently yet ethically while overseeing each and every aspect of the business. Paying close attention to the sales and marketing teams, he is better able to identify customer needs and foresee network implementations. Dave's focus and drive helps to set him and his company apart from any other service provider, based on credibility, honesty, and service.

James MacDonald: (CFO) Jim has over 20 years of financial management experience in higher education, most recently as the Senior VP Finance at Gordon College.

Cris Boisvert: (IT Director/Systems Administrator) Cris has been with USAi.net for over 10 years and brings over 17 years of IT/Technical experience. He is our local network expert and has a wide array of network certifications including Cisco CCNA, A+, and each and every product or service used within USAi.net's backbone network.

Alexander (Sandy) Creighton: (Site Acquisition/Building Development) Sandy brings to USAi.net an extensive background that spans over 50 years. His impressive background includes Telecommunications (both Wired and Wireless), Real Estate Development, Architecture, Engineering, Finance, Project Management, as well as being a former Naval Officer in the Special Forces. Sandy is essential in developing business relationships with clients and property management companies, to help USAi.net gain access to major professional buildings and developments in the metro Boston area.

Dan Reynolds: (Tech Support / Web Developer) Dan has been with USAi.net for several years providing phone support and web design and web applications services for small and growing business.

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